Why Your e-Commerce Store Should Have Live Chat Support?

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E-commerce stores thrive on two things: quality products and great customer support. And, live chat support plays a significant role in providing an enhanced customer support experience. Not to mention, it’s also pivotal in driving sales. How so? Well, if a customer is confused about a product and requires extra information before clicking on “Add to Cart,” they have instant access to that information through live chat support (more on this later).

Forget everything. Just the fact that about 73% of online shoppers prefer to communicate through live chat should be enough for you to add it to your e-commerce website. Live chat support also helps online businesses to increase their revenue twofold through upselling and cross-selling.

To make things clearer, let’s look at some more ways live chat support can give your e-commerce business an edge in a competitive online market:

It’s Convenient

Today’s technologically advanced society is all about convenience. Businesses that lag behind in providing it suffer dearly. It’s no wonder that live chat support has become the preferred form of communication for a majority of online customers. It’s quick and immediate, unlike call queues on customer support helplines.

Setting up live chat is also convenient for businesses. It doesn’t cost half as much as setting up a dedicated call center. Live chat support is easier to manage even for a business that is being run by a single person. And for growing businesses that are more focused on operations, live chat support can also be outsourced, easily and affordably.

It Provides Instant Resolution

When shopping online, customers become fogged and confused. They seek answers to resolve those confusions. If their queries are not resolved immediately, many end up abandoning their carts. These queries can be related to discounts, delivery time, availability of size, exchange policy, and whatnot.

Seeking answers to such queries through call or email can be time-consuming. The wait for a reply can also alter the customers’ frame of mind, quashing their interest in the purchase. However, with live chat, their concerns are instantly answered, boosting their confidence in the purchase.

It Keeps the Customers from Bouncing

One of the biggest benefits of live chat support is that it runs in the same window as your website. It means that once a chat session has been initiated, the customer will not leave your website until the chat remains active.

So, in a way, live chat keeps your customers from switching websites or comparing products with your competitors. And, if you or your chat agent manages to successfully satisfy the queries of your customer, they will surely make the purchase.

It can Handle Multiple Customers

Unlike call center support, where customers have to wait their turn to communicate their queries or concerns, there are no queues in live chat support. All customers can be dealt with simultaneously whether you have multiple chat agents or just one.

How this works is just as simple as it is unique. Say, as the business owner, you handle live chat support yourself. As you start to answer a query, you get multiple more. The chat app (whichever one you use) shows you online. That keeps the customer connected while you type your answer. When you move on to answer another customer, you give the previous one a chance to read and ask further questions (if they may have any). It may be a little hard to explain but the process is quite seamless.

It has Lower Operational Costs

Live chat support has a lower operational cost compared to a dedicated helpline or a call center. Setting up call centers costs a lot of money depending on their size. Even if you hire only one person to manage all customer queries through the phone, it can cost you more, not in terms of operational expenses but surely as consequential damages. Because, as already mentioned, customers don’t stick around for answers, and even if they do, by the time they do get an answer, they have already changed their mind about the product.

Live chat support, on the other hand, can be run through one or two dedicated resources. You already know that one agent can handle multiple customers so you don’t have to hire too many agents initially, keeping your expenses under control.

It Empowers You to Deliver a Personalised Experience

All top-level chat apps share detailed information about the customer that has initiated the chat. Apart from their chat history, this information include their shopping history, pages of the website that they were browsing, and the duration spent on each of these pages.

Having so much information can enable you to completely optimise the customer’s chat experience. You can give them better product suggestions, immediately offer help with anything they might be struggling with on the website, or just avoid being repetitive.

It Helps Your Customers Feel More Connected

Let’s face it. In a society that’s fast implementing A.I. for assistance, people want to be heard by people, not machines. And, while A.I. integration is possible in live chat support as well, you can remain old school and encourage human interaction.

You can even use it as a marketing tool by letting your customers know that you don’t use bots. The customers who appreciate human interaction will feel more satisfied when their queries are answered by you or a real agent. It may even strengthen their trust in your e-store.

Final Thoughts

Adding a live chat support feature and the way you handle it can, at times, make all the difference between you and your competitor. It’s great for building trust, driving sales, or just developing a good relationship with customers. The option is economically viable and delivers results.

Another great thing about live chat support is that when it becomes overwhelming for you to manage yourself, you can easily outsource it to a company like ours and shift all your focus to expanding your business. So, if your e-commerce website doesn’t have one yet, add live chat support to it now.

We have been partnering with small businesses and E-retailers to help them stay connected with their customers 24/7 and with order fulfillment since 2008. 

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