Why Fast Response is Essential for Good Business

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Businesses that don’t treat their customers well seldom thrive. It’s not the quality of your products or services that keep the customers coming back to your brand, it’s your customer support.

And, a major part of the quality of your customer support relies on fast response. Responding quickly to customers’ queries reflects the dedication and seriousness of your brand. Quick responses make customers feel valued. When they feel valued, they begin trusting your brand.

The Importance of Fast Customer Response Time in Business

Besides, we are living in times of cut-throat competition. One wrong move and your customer will go running to your rival. Once that happens, it becomes nearly impossible to win back your customer.

Let’s shed light on a few more reasons that highlight the importance of fast response time in business:

Customers Feel Valued

This point has been discussed earlier, but there is no harm in reiterating it because it holds much significance. Whether customers are sharing their feedback, initiating a complaint, or just seeking some information about one of your offerings, a timely response will show them that they are valued by your company.

Leads Convert

Suppose someone is interested in one of your products, but some aspect of it has them undecided. They ask their query through your website’s chat. How long do you think they would wait for your response before closing your website? No more than 10 or 20 seconds. If you engage the customer within that time by answering their query, you will successfully make the sale.

People are often on the edge about products or services they want. All they need is a nudge. A quick response is that nudge.

Customers Become Loyal

Companies are always looking for excuses to snatch business from their competitors. Bad customer service often becomes that excuse. Delayed response is bad customer service. And, your competitors won’t think twice about exploiting that.

Whereas, quick responses make your customers feel heard. Even if they have something bad to say about your brand or product, if you respond to their complaint quickly, they will be willing to give you another chance. That’s customer loyalty.

You Get Word of Mouth Publicity

Happy customers bring more customers. More customers mean higher sales. Higher sales mean increased profits. All this with zero marketing expense. So long as you can keep the customers happy with your product and your customer support, you get free publicity.

Ways to Improve Your Response Time

Knowing the benefits is one thing, being able to deliver, is another. How fast you can be in responding to your customers depends on the tools you use and the ease of their UI. However, the following tips will, more or less, help you in every scenario:

Know Your Customers’ Preferences

Asking your existing customers is the best way to know how you can improve. Create a survey form or a social poll. Or, you can just ask customers through the social media channels how they prefer to have their queries heard and answered. Once you have that data, work on improving the medium that is most preferred by your customers. It could be email, text messages, WhatsApp, chatbot, or even social media.

Divert the Customers to Quicker Channels

If you handle customers queries through multiple channels, you will never be able to bring your response time down. Even if all your apps are integrated into your phone, notifications can get missed. So, try to use only one channel for faster communication. You can divert your audience to it. If your customers prefer chatbots or email and you are quick with text messages, you can set up autoresponders letting them know that. Then, if some customer feels like their query is important, they will reach out to you through text.

Have Defined Procedures

It also helps to have defined procedures for different channels to answer customer queries. Set protocols and benchmarks for your team to respond to customers. Create scripted answers to common questions and share them with your team. If you are running a large business or can afford to hire multiple representatives, assign different teams to manage different channels instead of burdening one with everything.

Add an FAQs Page to the Website

When you have been in business for a year or more, you become familiar with common questions or issues customers may have. Use that knowledge to your advantage. Add the Frequently Asked Questions page to your website. Most customers check out such pages to find answers to questions bothering them. If they don’t get an answer there, then they can reach out to your customer support. Having an FAQs page will take the load off of your customer support, for sure.

Avoid Automating Everything

While it is a good idea to automate the first few responses, avoid automating the entire customer support system. Human interaction is important to make your customers feel valued. Not all customers will appreciate being transferred to IVRs or chatbots. In fact, automated responses may not be able to entertain all queries to resolution. So, it is of utter importance that a human agent looks into such queries and answers them.

Outsource Your Customer Support

Outsourcing your customer support is the easiest and most convenient way to reduce your response time. There are multiple companies that provide managed chat support and email and phone answering services. Outsourcing is especially beneficial for small businesses as they have a limited budget and limited manpower. Catering a hundred per cent to one thing leads to ignoring another. This can keep the business from growing at the pace it was intended to.

Have you ever faced issues in responding to your customers quickly and efficiently or have you got everything figured out?

We have been partnering with small businesses and E-retailers to help them stay connected with their customers 24/7 and with order fulfillment since 2008. 

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