Reasons Why Email is Still the Most Powerful Tool of Communication for Businesses in 2022

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Even though it has been around for a few decades, email still remains at the core of business communication, both internal and external. That claim is not just a shot in the dark. According to an email statistics report released by Radicati, a technology market research firm, close to 258 billion emails are exchanged between consumers and businesses daily.

Why Emails are a Dominant Business Communication Tool 

With a plethora of communication tools available in the market, offering far more advanced collaborative features, email still remains a dominant and preferable conversation mode. Is it because people have become comfortable using this technological dinosaur or is it because of its features and attributes?  Let’s find out:

It’s Omnipresent

For communicating through platforms like Teams or Skype for Business, it’s necessary for all the users to be on the same platform to exchange messages. On the other hand, emails are not bound by such a restriction. A Gmail user can easily send an email to a Yahoo! or Live user, or any other email account, for that matter. Besides, almost everyone has an email account nowadays. That omnipresence gives the email a wide reach, wider than any other communication tool.  

It’s Instantaneous

Emails are immediate. Regardless of the distance between the sender and the receiver. Even if both are in separate countries, emails are delivered instantaneously. 

It’s Non-Intrusive

Despite being immediate, emails are non-intrusive, unlike chat apps. When people use chat apps for communication, they expect an immediate response. This is a little intrusive considering that the other person may be busy working on an urgent task.

Thankfully, emails are not that intrusive. The receiver is not expected to reply immediately to an email, nor does the email show over the task they are working on unless intended.

It’s Logged

It’s very important for businesses to keep track of their communications with potential clients. Thanks to the conversation view, which most webmail services and stand-alone email software provide, it’s easier to maintain a digital communication trail. And, with the built-in filters, finding any message is just a click away. 

It’s Transparent

Emails usually have a time stamp on them. They can also be traced back to the location they originate from. This, however, requires the use of some third-party tools. Nevertheless, its traceability makes all email communication transparent.

It’s Encrypted

Businesses value secrecy and security when communicating. Emails can provide that secured environment when integrated with any of the multi-layered security solutions available in the market. These security solutions also enable the sender to encrypt the message and any attachments. Such encryptions can only be decoded by the intended receiver, keeping the information safe.

It’s a Marketing Tool

Emails play a vital role in an organisation’s marketing strategy. They fit at every level of a marketing funnel and deliver higher than expected results. Again, this is not just hearsay. Emails are 40 times better at earning leads for a business than any social media platform, as per the McKinsey reports.

It can be Automated

This is a no brainer. Regardless of the platform used, emails can be automated. There are many service providers like Mailchimp available that allow companies and businesses to send emails to entire lists automatically. And, regular webmail services or email software solutions allow you to set up automated responses which you can configure to reply to customers when they place an order with you or when you are not available in the office. Its potential is limitless.

It’s Affordable

Webmail services like Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, and countless others are free. They do offer dedicated mail servers for businesses, but if you are a startup or a small business, the free webmail services work equally well. Even if you sign up for a dedicated mail server, the cost is considerably low when compared to the mass communication possibilities it offers.

These are just some of the features that have had businesses hooked to emails. Nevertheless, just knowing the features is not enough. To successfully take advantage of everything that emails can offer, businesses also need to learn the right technique to write emails to drive their desired action.

How to Write Emails the Right Way

Emails empower you to connect with your clients. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t understand this and end up spamming the recipients’ inboxes with unwanted offers. This approach rarely works as planned. More often than not, such an email ends up being trashed, without even being opened.

To avoid this from ever happening, a business’s email needs to stand out. Here’s how you can ensure that it does:

The Subject

It’s all in the subject line. Coming up with a subject line that grabs the attention of the reader should be your first task. Without an attractive subject line, the email is headed directly into the trash. Incite the curiosity of the reader with the subject line to increase the open rate of your emails. This is important for marketing emails. For communicative ones, just ensure that the subject line summarises the message inside, so the receiver understands the urgency of the matter if any.

The Content

An attractive subject line is just the first step. Once potential customers open your email, they should not be disappointed by its contents. They invested their time and gave your email value, make sure to make it worth their while with the offer or piece of content inside. As for communicative emails, you must ensure that the message is clear, crisp, and concise. People don’t have time to read long emails repeating the same thing over and over again.

The Focus

This is the extension of what has already been shared in the previous tip. Keeping your content on point is just as important as keeping it focused on one thing. Don’t share multiple offers or loads of information in one email. Maintain the focus on matching the subject line. You can always ask your reader(s) to check out your social media.

The Formatting

Use formatting tools to your advantage. A lot of people scan emails quickly rather than read the whole thing. To target such types of readers, use the options to italicize or bolden the important text in your email. People who scan emails will pick up such text as it stands out and you will succeed in getting the message across.

To sum it up, even in this day and age, email and its potential are not to be taken lightly. It holds the power to transform, not just how your business communicates, but how it operates.

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